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What We Need to Know about Oxygen Facials

What We Need to Know about Oxygen Facials

Many of us want beautiful and moisturized skin. We do everything just to make our skin looking young and beautiful. We even try several beauty products hoping that we would achieve the skin condition that we want. One thing that we could do is to try having facial treatments and one of these is oxygen facials. If you are not familiar with this one, then we are going to tell you more about different oxygen facials in this article.

In an article by EPI TREATZ, they are going to tell us about a 75-minute oxygen facial or we could also look at this page first.

75-Min Oxygen Facial for 1 Person

Indulge yourself in a 75-min oxygen facial that aims to regain the levels of oxygen in your skin, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring a youthful appearance to your face. Read more here.

The 75 minute oxygen facial that was mentioned above include skin analysis, cleansing, hydrapeel, pore softening therapy, light extraction, intraoxy therapy with swiss treatment cocktail, drainage face massage, swiss oxymask application, and shoulder massage (for female customers only). Now, Indulgence Beauty will tell us about another oxygen facial called oxy liqui facial treatment.

Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment

Best Acne Facial in Singapore

The Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment (Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial Treatment) is the simplest method to have healthy skin that glows, and the best solution for your acne problems. This acne facial uses pure oxygen that will nourish, hydrate and restore your skin, turning a dull complexion into a soft and glowing one. Read more here.

Oxy liqui facial treatment is ideal for various skin types, can treat acne and acne scars, facial peeling, age spots, sun-damaged skin improves wrinkles, and smoothens and polishes skin. The process on how it would be done is also explained above so that you would have a clue on how it works. In addition, Advanced Dermatology will share to us more information about oxygen facials.

Oxygen Facial

An oxygen facial was created to help combat signs of ageing. It is a process that does not involve any needles or use of chemicals. The process of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been around since the 1940s.The use of an oxygen facial will help rejuvenate the skin, showing off healthier skin. The hydrating of the skin will leave it feeling balanced, with many other skin conditions disappearing in the process. Read more here.

One important thing mentioned above is how often one could have an oxygen facial. According to the article, undergoing too much of oxygen facial can lead to the release of free radicals, which can cause wrinkles, destroy skin cells and cause premature ageing. That is why we should ask the experts on how often we could have oxygen facials because too much is not really good. Different facial spas have different oxygen facial treatments and we have already provided you with information on some of them.



Important things you need to know about medical spa

Important things you need to know about medical spa

Our physical appearance often determines how people will respond to us or address us. This makes it ever more important for us to give special care to the way we look. People who create time to relax and take care of their physical appearance often look very good and are given special attention.

Stress and anxiety are two major things that can negatively affect our outward appearance. But there is a way out.

Presently, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your looks. Some of them are effective and will yield good results, on the other hand; there are others that may not yield any result.

One of the most effective and popular ways to improve your looks is by going to a medical spa center. But what exactly is a medical spa?

The following article by Anitra Brown shed light on what a medical spa is all about.

What is a medical spa?

A medical spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of medical doctor.  The most common services rendered at a medical spa are laser treatments , laser hair removal, IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments, microdermabrasion, photofacials, injectables like Botox and fillers, chemical peels, skin tightening or skin rejuvenation and treatment of cellulite.

Medical spas can treat conditions on your face and body like brown spots, redness, and broken capillaries that cannot be treated at all or as effectively by a traditional esthetician. Read more here

You likely now know a thing or two about a medical spa. And you probably want to try it out, before you do just that, there are some important things you need to know.

The following article by Elisabeth Leamy discusses four important things you need to know before going to a medispa.

4 things to know before going to a medi-spa

When Dr. Oz asked me to investigate medi-spas, hybrids between doctor’s offices and beauty salons, I jumped at the chance. I started to wonder and worry about medi-spas a few years ago, after my dermatologist was late for an appointment with me and explained that she was held up “fixing” another patient who had been disfigured by a medi-spa.

It’s not that I’m holier than thou and against cosmetic procedures. After all, as an on-air person, I’m sometimes self-conscious about my aging face. Here comes the big confession: I’ve had a couple of minor procedures myself. Eek! Laser hair removal (best thing ever!), Fraxel laser resurfacing (I think it helped) and Botox (softened my crow’s feet but made me look not quite myself). Read more here

You probably now know some important facts about a medical spa. But do you know the difference between med spa and day spa?

The following article by beautywiremagzine unveils the differences between med spa and day spa.

Med Spa vs. Day Spa: What’s the difference?

We’re living in an era when looking and feeling younger no longer requires surgery. The fountain of youth these days apparently flows from a syringe. But injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers aren’t the only non-surgical anti-aging procedures. Wrinkles can be smoothed with lasers, skin tightened with heat, and belly fat frozen away.

There is now a huge range of gadgets and devices proving popular with women and men who shy away from surgery but still want to improve their appearance. Read more here.

Final note

One of the best ways to pamper your skin is by going to a medical spa center. If you don’t know a lot about it, it is wise that you do some research to know a thing or two about it. Also, there are some important things you need to consider before choosing a medical spa center.

Considering these things will help you determine if a spa center will suit your needs. It will also help you get more out of you spa experience.

Many people have the notion that medical spa and day spa is the same, but the truth is that there is a difference between these two. Knowing the differences between these two will put you in a better position to determine the one that will suit your needs. 

Five types of laser treatment for the skin and their benefits

Five types of laser treatment for the skin and their benefits
The skin is the largest organ of the body, it is also the one that is most exposed thus resulting in various internal as well as external problems. In addition, age is one of the most common reasons for skin problems. This is why most people try everything in their power to get rid of these skin problems. The most common option is laser treatment for pigmentation.

What is laser skin treatment?
This is the treatment in which high-intensity light is focused on a small spot in order to treat skin issues such as wrinkles, blemishes, or scars.
There are many different types of lasers that can be used to treat skin disorders. The applications of these lasers depend on the wavelength and the peaks of the light as well as the duration of the pulses emitted. These lasers are segregated into two broad categories.
Ablative Lasers
Non Ablative Lasers

Ablative Lasers
In this kind of lasers, there is an intense wavelength of light that is ejected into the skin. This helps to remove the outer layer that may be damaged or aged.

Carbon Dioxide Laser
This was the first ever laser that was introduced in the late 1960s. These lasers are still being used even today. However, there are many side effects that are associated with this and hence has been replaced with other fractional mode lasers.
It is used for cases of skin cancer, moles, skin tags, corns on feet, and sun damage.

Erbium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
This laser is very helpful in removing surface level as well as moderately deep wrinkles and lines that can be present on the face, hands, chest, or neck.
It can also be used for pigmentation, acne, sun damage, fine lines, and moles.

Non-ablative lasers
These lasers work beneath the surface. They help to increase the production of collagen and tightens skin.

Pulsed Dye Lasers
These lasers are used to shrink the blood vessels so that the skin appears less red. It is useful for spider veins, birthmarks, and broken capillaries.

Nd: Yag Laser
This laser emits a high wavelength of light energy which heats the targeted cells and destroys them. It is used for tattoo and hair removal, pigmentation, or vascular lesions.

This is another laser used for laser pigmentation treatment. It converts light into heat energy and damages the cells in the target area.