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What we need to Know About Indonesian Culture and Cuisine

Restaurants are one of the places that people really want to visit when travelling to another place. People want to try and discover different cuisines around the world. However, not all of us can really travel to many places to try different kinds of foods. But we are actually lucky if we have foreign restaurants in our area because we don’t have travel far just to try their cuisine. In a country like Singapore, there are different foreign restaurants like Indonesian restaurants.

Bay Hotel is one of the few hotels in Singapore that exclusively cater Indonesian food. Located near the Harbourfront area, diners can be rewarded with Indonesian food cooked in a modern twist, along with a panoramic view of the south side of Singapore. A Halal Indonesian Restaurant, Bay Hotel Indo Restaurant is one you should definitely look out if you want to taste Indonesian food in a comfortable setting.

Next, Stacey will tell us about the food and culture of Indonesia. Let us read in her article below.

Food and Culture of Indonesia

             In the United States, much like in Australia, people like to describe their country as a “melting pot,” a proud reference to their history of immigration and being open to all cultures and religions. It might surprise some non translation services people (and many Americans and Australians!) to learn that they have some serious competition on that score  in the country and culture of Indonesia.

Many folks assume Indonesia has a very monochromatic culture, with one people, religion, and general way of life – but Indonesia is an incredible example of a natural process of cultural diversification throughout history – which is to say that Indonesia does, in fact, have a distinct culture and identity, but it’s an identity forged from a long list of influences throughout history. Read more here.

Indonesian culture is influenced by different countries. The fusion of religions and cultures make up what Indonesia is now. The origin of Indonesian food is also mentioned above. For more information, Courtney McCaffrey will tell us 20 reasons why Indonesian food is the best in the world.

20 Reasons Why Indonesian Food is the Best in the World

Indonesia’s reputation for pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and affordable prices seems to have disguised the country’s cuisine. But Indonesia is an archipelago of over 17,000 islands and is home to an even larger number of mouth-watering foods. From cheap noodle, rice and soup dishes in warungs (local diners) to street-side snacks and top-dollar plates, Indonesia is a country that can compete with, and even top, some of the best culinary destinations in the world.

#1. Nasi Goreng

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, nasi goreng is a staple dish you’ll find yourself eating more often than not, and you’ll be loving it too. You can find this signature Indonesian plate of fried rice with a fried egg on top (and tons of other ingredients like prawns, chicken, vegetables, chilies and more) at just about any local eatery. Read more here.

Provided above are information of what makes each Indonesian food the best in the result. By reading it, you would also get to know what these foods are all about. Pictures are also provided and they will surely make you want to try one.

If ever you are in Singapore, The Finder Singapore will give you pieces of information about eight hidden Indonesian eateries in Singapore

8 Best Hidden Indonesian Eateries In Singapore Even Indonesian Expats Frequent

Indonesia might be some hours away, but here are some of the best places in Singapore to get your authentic food fix from the rich and diverse archipelago. Salam Nusantara!

  1. Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

You don’t want to miss the nasi tumpeng (pictured) here. Originating from island of Java, this coned-shaped turmeric “rice mountain” comes with eight delectable vegetables and meat dishes, symbolising gratitude and good fortune.

Furama Riverfront, 405 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169633 Read more here.

Great! If you are ever interested in tasting Indonesian cuisine and you are in Singapore, then you should not worry because they have Indonesian restaurants around. 8 restaurants are mentioned above. Their official websites and addresses are also already provided above. You can now check their menu and location. Indonesia has a rich culture and their cuisine is really unique. They may not be the best for everyone, but it is also the best for some of us.

Checklist while booking into a hotel room

Booking a 4 star hotel in singapore for your family during a holiday is a great responsibility. If there is one thing missing or if the location is not proper, then the whole trip becomes painful for you. You will constantly be accused of either being a miser, or a bad selector or just have to suffer through the constant bickering over how bad the hotel is. So here is the checklist to keep in mind while selecting a hotel.

Read the reviews:

Reviews give you an idea about the place, the staff, the food and the whole experience. While there are chances that the glorifying reviews may be false or inflated, there will be enough genuine reviews for you to take an informed decision. Compare the reviews of the shortlisted hotel in multiple travel and food websites, before finalising.


If you are big family then it is always better to check out the accommodation. Most hotels nowadays offer a view of their suites or hotel rooms on the website along with the tariffs. If you are not satisfied, just call the hotel and ask them to email the pictures of their rooms. In addition, if you need extra beds, it is always better to ring the hotel and ask if they will accommodate it in the same room or do you have to actually pay for another room.


This is the tricky part! Luxury hotels give you comfort and privacy but it comes with a price. When you are signing up for your family, it is better to take in all amenities offered by the hotel. Most luxury hotels do not charge for using their gym or swimming pool, except that you will be allotted a time slot. However, if you want to take up the spa treatment, then plan your budget to include the pampering session. One tip is that you can list down all the requirements that your family wants in the hotel room and find one that provides this checklist. You will have to take that extra effort of calling a few hotels but it will be worth it.

Facilities offered:

Swimming pool, gaming parlour, saloon, gym, sauna, spa treatment, pool tables or bowling rooms are all part of what luxury hotels offer. Your family deserves all the luxury facilities available because its a holiday and the aim is to make everyone happy. Hotels also offer live bands and disco bars which make the whole package very appealing.


If the hotel is far away from the city, then commuting would always be a challenge. Find out if the hotel provides transportation such as car service or tempo service to accommodate your family members. In addition, while you are selecting a hotel, try to ensure that the proximity of the bus station or any other public transport is nearby. If you want to explore on your own, then you need to be able to travel on the public transport without spending a bomb on the car services.

How to Choose A Band for Your Wedding

Finding the best live band for your wedding is a major question that every bride and groom have to figure out before they book the band. Here are a few tips as to how to start finding the live band that is the best fit.

The first thing that the couple should do is to go to various concerts or corporate events at which a recommended band is playing. This way they are able to watch the band play the songs and decide whether they like the live band for their own wedding. It is best to watch a band perform another wedding or choose a band that has previously played at a friend or families wedding as the music that is played at a wedding can be very different to that of a corporate event or a concert. Another way in which the couple can choose their band is by checking out different agencies and websites that have pictures and videos of the band. However, it is more expensive to book a band through a website than to book them directly.

The second thing that the couple has to keep in mind is the amount of budget that they have for the band. Depending on the time of the year, the amount of time that the couple wants music to be played and also the type of band that the couple chooses plays a major role in the amount of money that they will have to pay for the band. This can range from $2000 to $35000.

Another major factor that comes into play when choosing a band is the venue of the wedding. A band needs enough space to set up all of their equipment and also need some space where they can go to have a few refreshments and rest for a while during their breaks. In the case of a wedding that is held at a residence, the band will also be required to get their own backup power and generators and you have to be careful about the level of noise after 10 pm. If the wedding is held in a hotel most of these restrictions are taken care of and it becomes easier for the band especially if they have played at that particular venue before. In the case of outdoor weddings there are no space restrictions for the band, however, there should be a big enough stage for them to play from.

How to Integrate Dance Music into Your Wedding

The wedding is over the ceremony was beautiful and now it’s time to have some fun at the reception. Most of the time it is easy to just hire a DJ who will play music nonstop and keep your guests entertained. However, a DJ will have only a specific kind of music that he will play that may not cater to all the needs of your guests. Thus, having a lie band will make it easier for you to get your guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor.

There are a few things that the live band can do to make sure that the guests are always on their feet.

Allow the guests to request songs:

As it is a live band and nowadays you can get the music sheets for almost every song out there a live band will allow you to have a wide selection of songs. Although you may have decided a certain playlist with the band it is always a good idea to take song requests from the guests so that you know that they will be up and dancing and that they also enjoy the music. You never know you may even hear a song that you love and hadn’t heard before.

Live interaction:

The lead singer in the live band that you choose can interact with the guest and encourage them to get on their feet. This is something that a DJ would never be able to do as there is a certain unique presence that a live band gets to the wedding that a DJ cannot match up to.

Play dance numbers that you know that the guests know the steps to:

There are certain songs that are very popular with all ages and almost everyone knows the dance steps to. By playing such songs you make sure that there are people on your dance floor. These can be songs like the birdy dance, the hokey pokey song, the cha cha slide, etc. These songs can be enjoyed by people of all ages and they never go out of style.

Play the latest numbers:

Lastly, once all the oldies have gone home and you just have the youngsters waiting for the after party your band can play the latest numbers and you can dance the night away.

Thus, live bands have become a rage for weddings in Singapore.

Effects of jazz music on an individual?

The effects of jazz music on an individual are as old as time itself. As suppression and dictatorship were key game strategies of powerful authorities since the 1700s, expression of feelings was most constructively conveyed by music especially jazz as one of the most influential genres. Through the times of British rule, followed by the World Wars to this day, oppression and unfair societal status have always lurched around the corners of every country.

Discrimination based on gender, class, color, caste and nationality is still prevalent and has never been completely eradicated. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once rightly stated, ‘Music is the universal language of mankind’. Music is the best way to express emotions, struggles, fear, doubt and pain. Jazz music served as a voice for many who felt oppressed and wanted to unite with like-minded individuals. This was evident among the African-American community as they were still treated as unjustly even though they were well educated and groomed.

Expressing one’s struggles, passion, desires, and ambition were the easiest through most for the African-American group of musicians. But underneath all the perky music lays the true soulful songs that expressed anger, grief, agony, and oppression which reflected their daily experience with fair-skinned Americans. Jazz found its way into the political, spiritual, and social point of view. It helped cope with the discriminating lifestyle. Due to the diversity in jazz as a genre, many can relate to its music and combine it with other genres. Jazz and blues collaborate date back to the early 1990s. Other known combinations have been with rock and RnB.

The effect of jazz music was to such a high degree that hip hop and Rap came into existence through it. Even today, jazz plays a great part in the lives of many as they cope with the struggles and challenges of this era. It is an upliftment for the soul. A generation that races against time to accomplish ‘beyond achievable’ targets will find solace in jazz. Many can vouch for jazz helping them in their times of depression and helping in taking it one day at a time. No matter want the hurdles we face in any decade of our lives, rest assured jazz music has been a lingering support system for many music enthusiasts. No matter the timeline of history, jazz has rightfully earned its place in every corner of the world and in every individual’s heart. Jazz music bands in singapore has been getting popular day by day.